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Anil’s Story

Anil is a 4-year-old boy from one of Equip Asia’s target villages. His father works for daily wages and his mother is a homemaker. Anil is their only child.

Anil’s mother shared that  the complications at the time of delivery affected her child with multiple disabilities. As a result, she constantly stays at home to look after Anil.

She seems very worried and sad all the time. Equip Asia’s intervention is to provide Anil with regular physical therapy and an adaptive chair. The team has been visiting this family regularly to counsel and comfort the mother. She is now a part of the sustainable livelihood group that is formed in that village. Through this, Anil’s mother gets some time to socialize and know other families with children with disabilities.

Your sponsorship of $35 will not only help Anil get an adaptive chair and regular physical therapy but help his mother earn an income through livelihood programs.

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