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Help Nagini Walk Pain-Free!

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa


Nagini is a beautiful 8-year-old girl who came to Equip Asia in pain. She lives with nine extended family members along with her younger siblings. Nagini’s family struggles to meet even their basic needs. Alcoholism has incapacitated her father’s ability to contribute anything to the family, and her mother earns a meager income by working as a maid in their neighborhood. At the age of three, her parents started noticing a deformity in her right knee.

Nagini suffers from rickets in her right knee, which knocks over her left whenever she tries to walk. Because of her disability, Nagini finds it hard to even walk few steps. Pain often hinders her from going to school. “Nobody in my family is educated. I want to go to school,” says Nagini. Our consultant surgeon suggested an operation that would gradually correct the deformity and allow her to walk straight like other children of her age.

This would take a period of 6 months of rehabilitation. Equip Asia has intervened in her life and will be undertaking the expenses for surgery as well as post-operative care at a residential care unit. The whole process of surgical intervention along with post-operative care and rehabilitation will cost about $ 1100 USD. (11 Donors can contribute $100 each.)

Investing in her life will not only let her walk painlessly but will ensure that she goes to school. This will in turn bring life changing transformation in her life. To give to her surgery and care, donate here and write, “for Nagini’s $1100 surgery and post-operative care” in the notes. This will change her life.

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