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It is a Land the Lord your God Cares for (Deut 11:12)

South Asia Access’ mission is to bring Christ‘s hope and healing to children, families and communities struggling with disabilities.  South Asia Access teams working in villages teach about good health as being in harmony with God, in harmony with ourselves, in harmony with our communities and in harmony with nature. The people we serve have been learning and adopting Godly values that eventually lead to harmony and peace with God, themselves and one another. The process to disciple them continues as the communities come forward to take up another step … HARMONY WITH NATURE!

Our health and hygiene awareness programs have been sensitizing the leaders, the young and the old, about the problem of deforestation and their roles and responsibilities towards the God-given environment. Now, villages have been enabled to start tree-planting drives!

Spearheaded by the members of the sustainable livelihood groups (SLGs), the forest department, and the local school children, South Asia Access facilitated planting 200 trees with 200 households in a village.  This program was not just about planting a tree, but also included a quick lesson on how to care for it. From the oldest to the youngest, everyone participated in planting a sapling. Some of them even named the baby trees after children and pledged to care for them just like their own!

This act has spread to other surrounding villages where people are coming forward to do the same. The South Asia Access continues to inspire, facilitating tree-planting drives in four clusters to add 1000 saplings to our county.

This small act of inspiring and teaching communities to be good stewards of creation will help restore trees that will not only restore the lost beauty of the villages but also promote the well-being of the people in the villages.

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