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May News and Prayer Requests

Inclusive Community Transformation: Through Equip Asia’s model of Inclusive Community Transformation (ICT), we have started to survey, assess and build rapport with the community with the aim of reaching out to these villages with the Love of Christ. We continue to visit these villages and implement programs for people with disabilities, for which we ask for your prayers and support.

Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) : PRA was conducted in ten villages during the month of April. A group of people in the village came together and, with the help of Equip Asia field staff, discussed and identified the problems they face and helped in finding solutions by themselves. Equip Asia facilitated communication between local people with disabilities and the village governing councils, with the goal of understanding and overcoming the problems their communities face.

Assessment of Pregnant Women: Five programs were conducted during this month for pregnant women. Through these programs, awareness was raised on nutritious food, diets, and precautions to be taken during pregnancy and childbirth. The women were very happy to learn new things and promised to follow the instructions given to them. Through these programs, we can ensure that children are born healthier.

Beneficiary’s Birthday Celebration: The local Donor family who is supporting the family of a child with a disability celebrated the birthday of the beneficiary child on 23 April 2018. The Donor family arranged for a cake and also presented beautiful gifts to the child. The child’s father was grateful for the donor and said, “I never celebrated my child’s birthday till now; thanks to donor for arranging everything for my son’s birthday.”

Special Prayers & Donations for Equip Asia Ministry: The Arise Team of Hubballi, India conducted a summer camp for children. During this program, Equip Asia staff members were given the  opportunity to teach the kids about children with disabilities to reduce stigma.These children joined together to pray for the Equip Asia’s ministry and for children who face disability.  Also, a special offering was taken for children with disabilities and donated to Equip Asia’s ministry.

Prayer Requests:

  1. All Equip Asia staff and volunteers who visit our target villages and implement programs.  Pray for God’s protection and good health, especially during summer.

  2. For all Donors and Prayer Partners, that God will bless them for their time and partnership in Equip Asia ministry.

  3. For God’s provision for all the needs of Equip Asia’s ministry.

  4. For children and youth at Equip Asia Rehabilitation Centre, for their spiritual growth and successful trainings.

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