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Rescued from Dying … to Restored Health … to Real Transformation!

Madan and Kamala are a couple with disabilities.  They live about 15 km from the city in a small village situated on a hill with serene beauty all around. 


They are the local temple priests and Madan does tailoring along with his temple chores, while Kamala assists him in the temple work. The village elders have given them a small house to live in to take care of their gods. For income, they sells the grain offerings brought to the temple.

One day,  Madan was sitting outside, feeling too weak to walk and we felt the need to go and talk to him.  We introduced ourselves and started talking to him. We had seen him fall several times while walking and knew he needed a walker.

When asked about his family, he said, “My wife is inside and she is very sick since a month.” We went in to see a frail woman sleeping as if dead. At first, we were scared but we gathered some courage and touched her; she was warm and was breathing hard.

We sensed a medical emergency and immediately an ambulance was called to take them to the hospital. After two days of careful medical investigation, Kamala was diagnosed with acute anemia. She needed nutritional supplements and medicines.

We shifted them to the South Asia Access center for health care.

Madan was also diagnosed with jaundice.  His hemoglobin level was dangerously low and he needed an immediate blood transfusion. With the help of young volunteers, the medicine and three pints of blood were donated. During Madan’s blood transfusion we explained that blood means life and that he needed blood to live. Similarly, we were all dying and Christ came and died for us and shed His blood to give us life After 10 – 15 days, both improved in health and returned home happily.

While Madan and Kamala were at the South Asia Access center, we were able to minister to them often.  Our regular visits to the hospital and our concern brought so much change in their attitude. 


After they were discharged and returned home, their whole village was so happy to see them return with smiles on their faces.

On our follow up visit, Madan asked for a Bible and at our next visit we saw them both watching a Christian message on a local TV channel.

Recently,  Madan told us, “I quit the temple work … I don’t want to do it … I want Christ.” We rejoiced and praised God.

We were worried about his income, but Madan had already made the decision to take up tailoring.  “I am not afraid; it is Jesus who healed me and He will not leave me,” he says!

When Christ’s love in us, it flows out to others, and we see transformation.

Thank you for your support and prayers–you the heart of our ministry.

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