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Sheelamma’s House Church

Entering a small house in a remote village, little would anyone know how impactful this tiny home has been in the whole community.

Inside is a woman in her mid thirties who has started a powerful movement in her village. Sheelamma has a disability; she is paralyzed in both legs due to childhood polio. She crawls on her hands and knees to move around.

“It was in 2009…” Sheelamma recalls “that my life changed. I was enrolled in Equip Asia’s vocational training program to enhance my skills as a seamstress in order to make a living. During my stay in the hostel, I was introduced to Christ and experienced His love in my life. Since then, there has never been a time of looking back. In 2011, when I returned home, I started sharing my newfound faith with my family. Initially there was resistance but as they witnessed miracles in their lives, they started worshiping Christ. Soon my house became a place where people came to get prayed for and witness deliverance. Eventually, it turned into a small church and started growing in numbers. We started meeting every Sunday to worship and read the word together.”

Interacting with the group has left us awestruck at their child-like yet powerful faith. Stories of healing from major ailments, freedom from demon possession, and relief from addictions are a few of the miracles that the group has witnessed.

When asked what are the most major challenges that the group witnesses, Sheelamma explained that new people who join them sometimes are mere beneficiaries of a miracle. Her goal is to lead them into a relationship with God, the miracle worker.

Upon asking how her community (which has  a strong presence of other religions, even from neighboring villages) reacts to this movement, she said “Many people have experienced the miracles, and they have witnessed the transformed lives of the Gruha sabha members: alcoholics leading a clean life, the sick who are now happy and healthy … all these lives have been the living gospels in the community!”

While it was mostly the women gathering to worship, the men have started to come too. Looking at their wives who leading a different and peaceful life (unlike other women in the community), they are drawn to worship this God who fills their life with peace beyond their understanding!

While we are watching its growth in numbers amidst the strongholds of the community, please continue to stand with us as we pray for its multiplication.

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