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Somesh’s Story

Somesh is a 6-year-old boy with a speech impairment. He is very shy but lovable. His social interactions are very limited because of his disability.


He lives with his parents who work for daily wages, and he has two younger brothers who play with him. Somesh has seen many doctors and taken many tests, and it has been concluded that he has normal hearing despite his impaired speech.

Doctors advise regular speech therapy, but his parents have not able to afford it.

The Equip Asia team met Somesh and his family during a screening program in their village. Now, Somesh will get speech therapy, which will eventually help him to express himself, develop social skills, and make friends.

The family is also a part of the sustainable livelihood group in their village and have shown lot of interest for spiritual things as well.

Your contribution of $35 every month will not only help us help Somesh get regular speech therapy and special education but you will also be a part of the Equip Asia family of supporters who are the heart of the ministry.

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