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What is Required to Reach an Unreached Community?

What could be more discouraging than ministering for one whole year in a village community and still no one in the village are interested in development.

What could possibly cause these people to spring up and show an interest in having a burden for their community like we have? Persistent prayer and perseverance!

A very remote village in SAA's project area didn’t show any signs of progress even after one year of constant hard work, counselling and assistance. This discouraged our field staff. But they didn’t want to give up! Intentional prayer and fasting opened new doors this year to meet new local leaders who were more active!

These leaders helped us reach the people with a new approach. The people began to show more interest in self development and the development of their community. Our Sustainable Livelihood Groups were reactivated and motivated to become a voice for people with disabilities in order to get their government assistance sanctioned.

During this time, God healed a person in depression and he opened his home for prayer.

How amazing to see God turning thorns into cypress trees (Isaiah 55:13) and bring renewed energy into this village. Our challenges in reaching these villages were not in vain.

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