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Walking and Pain-Free!

Nagini is all smiles now! This tiny child came to the  Equip Asia Centre, unable to walk and with severe pain in her leg. She faced her surgery boldly and cooperated very well with the doctors. The orthopaedic surgeon confirmed the success of the surgery and she will be able to walk after rehabilitation.

As Nagini’s family lives in slums, she will be staying at the Equip Asia Rehabilitation Centre for post operative care.  Along with medical attention, Nagini will also receive nutritious meals at the Centre to ensure her safe and quick rehabilitation.

Nagini looks forward to going to school with her younger siblings. She says, “I hope the surgery will reduce the pain in my leg and enable me to go to school.”

After complete recuperation, physical and occupational therapy, she will be able to walk with a brace to prevent further complications.

We believe her rehabilitation doesn’t end by making her physically independent–in fact it begins there! We hope to see her lead an independent and confident life in all spheres.

Thank you for being the reason for the smile and bringing a new hope to dream higher in Nagini’s life.  

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