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I Can be Independent

“Most importantly, I can be independent, never again putting myself in a position to feel helpless. I have gained new strength to support myself and my family. I also hope to see my children excel in education as I know now that education is the key to success, to freedom, to opportunity and to happiness,” expresses Shivappa, from one of Equip Asia’s target villages.

Shivappa, a well-built daily wage labourer, lost his leg to a freak accident. His leg was neglected, and eventually had to be amputated. Ever since, he has been at home losing all confidence in himself and feeling guilty for burdening his wife, who works so hard for the survival of the family.

The government, pitying his situation, gave him a small piece of land. Shivappa took out a loan to build a small house, which he is still paying back.

Equip Asia has been visiting this family and helping Shivappa gain his confidence to work and to be independent. He received a pair of crutches for now to help him move around. Meanwhile, the measurements to manufacture prosthesis have been taken to help him walk independently.

His two sons received educational assistance in the form of fees and books from Equip Asia; that has relieved the family from the financial burden for education.

Shivappa, who survived pain, rejection, and low self esteem, has now gained so much hope, courage, and determination, that he dreams to take up a small business that would not only help himself, but would also help him feel confident as he contributes to his family’s income.

All Shivappa needs to launch his business is $800. Please consider donating here to immediately improve his situation in the community (write “for Shivappa’s business” as the special purpose).

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